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SPSS and SamplePower 3 Training

GRAPHIC: SPSS software lead web header from IBM site, Wikimedia Commons licensing.

UFIT Training offers a workshop series on using SPSS and SamplePower 3. This certificate-earning series is comprised of six, three-hour workshops:

Data preparation and exploratory data analysis (Mandatory)
Inferential statistics for the mean and the median
ANOVA and simple linear regression
Multiple linear regression
Inferential statistics for the proportion
Logistic regression

After the initial mandatory three-hour workshop, participants choose subsequent sessions according to their interest. To achieve certification, expect to commit 18 hours to class time, plus six to 15 hours of independent review of materials and satisfactory completion of training activities. This series teaches how to use SPSS software to further research, not statistics. Functional knowledge of graduate-level statistics is required.

Click here to begin the pre-registration process. You will be prompted to list past coursework and statistical analysis software experience, and to indicate sessions of interest. UFIT will contact participants to confirm registration. This workshop series is open to all faculty, staff, graduate students, and GAs. Undergraduates can complete the free SPSS courses with lynda.com, or email Dr. David Schwieder at Library West for SPSS assistance.