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Social Media Training Resources for UF

GRAPHIC: UF "block" monogram with four social media icons beneath

In the ever-expanding digital universe, many at UF are shifting their engagement activities from websites and email campaigns to social media. Today’s audiences expect immediacy and fresh content delivered in a meaningful, compact way. UF offers several resources to help you deliver excellent social media channels that also meet university style guidelines. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • With almost 4,000 video tutorials on social media strategies alone, the service is a valuable and FREE service for UF. Watch a few of these excellent, short videos to learn how to maximize your department’s or organization’s online presence. The cost of is underwritten by UFIT for all faculty, students, and staff.
  • UF IFAS also provides free social media training from campus experts. You don’t have to be in IFAS to take part! Anyone in UF, regardless of college or unit affiliation, can attend. A list of upcoming and recorded IFAS social media training is online. Topics include Facebook Ad Campaigns, Using Hashtags, Evaluating Effectiveness on Social Media, and others on branding and Google Analytics usage.
  • Check University Relations’ social media brand center page before launching a UF social media channel. Their site provides helpful tips for getting started and explains how to get registered as an official UF account.