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Serving Students: Libraries and Lab Hours for Fall 2015

Marston Science Library Banner

Students: There is a change of location for your all-night cram sessions: Beginning this fall, Marston Science Library (MSL) will be the 24/5 library. MSL will be open continuously from 10am on Sunday through 10pm on Friday. Saturday hours for MSL will be 10am-6pm. The new schedule for Smathers Library West, the previous late-night library location, is posted online.

The following Marston services will be available 24/5:
• D!BS study room reservations
• Regular-format printing
• Collaboration Commons
• iPads, battery packs, and netbooks checkout
• Starbucks!!

For study, assignment, and project needs, UFIT manages labs in the following buildings:
• Architecture Building
• Classroom Building
• The Hub
• Computer Science and Engineering Building
• Norman Hall
• Weil Hall
The Architecture Building lab is 24/7, and other labs are open as late as 10pm on weekdays. Students can utilize printing and software like Adobe, Kompozer, and Mathcad in the UFIT-managed labs. For more information on what software is available in which lab, visit