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Results from 2017 National Student IT Survey

PHOTO: Two female students studying in Newell Hall.

One of the ways UF Information Technology listens to students’ opinions and concerns about the campus technology environment is through participation in an annual survey sponsored by EDUCAUSE. The
Study of Students and Technology is administered every Spring.

This year more than 150 U.S. universities participated. The survey asks students what devices they use in class and to study, satisfaction levels with e-Learning and campus Wi-Fi, and what technologies they wish instructors would use in class. Here are a few results from this year’s survey:

  1. Percentage of UF students bringing two or more Internet-enabled devices with them to campus: 99.7%
  2. The device most used for academic activities by UF students responding is (in order):
    a. Laptop
    b. Smartphone
    c. Desktop
    d. Tablet
  3. When UF students were asked, “In what type of learning environment do you most prefer to learn”, respondents said:
    a. One with no online components (9%)
    b. One with some online components (46%)
    c. About half online and half face-to-face (24%)
    d. One that is mostly online (8%)
    e. One that is completely online (9%)

The ECAR 2017 Student Almanac is a two-page summary of response percentages for all U.S. institutions. Anyone with questions about the 2017 ECAR Study of Students and Technology is welcome to contact UFIT Communications.