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Redesigned IT Training Website Now Live

Staff member getting help with Canvas

A redesigned and reorganized website for IT training at UF has just debuted. The new UFIT Training website, launched to correspond with the return from spring break, provides many new resources for faculty, students, and staff, in time for all of their end-of-term needs.

“The added value of having all of UFIT’s training materials and workshop information housed in one place is immeasurable,” said Ashley Weser, UFIT’s training coordinator. “UFIT grew out of many departments handling training needs in their own way, on their own sites. Now, everything is thoroughly cataloged and easily searchable. Whenever someone has a, “How do I…” question related to information technology training, there is one place to begin their search!”

Users can now quickly and easily access resources and browse the ever-expanding workshops and tutorials list. The new UFIT Training website includes an e-Learning FAQ and tutorials, an interactive registration calendar, one-click login for free access to with its 4,300+ training videos, and registration information for the free Microsoft IT Academy. There are also more than 100 UF-developed tutorials, workshops, online courses, and training resources. For more information about anything on the site please email or call 352-273-1594.