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“Preparing for Spring 2021” Site Launched

GRAPHIC: Visual examples of teaching and learning via Zoom and in-person.

UFIT recently launched a new webpage, Preparing for Spring. The site lists several resources to assist instructors who will be teaching in HyFlex-enabled classrooms. Preparing for Spring also features opportunities to learn best practices that engage students, whether they are learning in-person or remotely. Site options include:

1. Scheduling consultations in a HyFlex-enabled classroom. Instructors who would like an in-person overview and learn “how to” best practices can schedule an appointment online. UFIT staff will provide a hands-on practice session and answer questions about using and maximizing technologies installed in a HyFlex-enabled classroom. Appointments available for scheduling in Pugh Hall, CSE, Florida Gym, and Turlington Hall.

2. Registering for “Best Practices for HyFlex Technology Enabled Classrooms”. This online workshop is being offered twice weekly through December. (Register in myTraining, class code: UF_ITT236_ILT.) The Best Practices for HyFlex Technology Enabled Classrooms workshop is a 1-hour training focusing on installed technologies for sharing course content with both face-to-face and remote learners. UFIT staff will explain how to use annotation screens, virtual whiteboards, and microphones. Staff will also share recommendations for keeping students engaged while managing classroom technology.

Instructors with questions about academic technologies are welcome to contact UFIT’s Center for Instructional Technology and Training.