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Optimizing for Usability in e-Learning

GRAPHIC: UF and Online Accessibility

Two enhancements for creating accessible content and improving user experience were recently added to
UF’s Canvas e-Learning environment. The enhancements make it easier to navigate course pages and design online material that is accessible for students with disabilities.

Instructor Tools Resource
Many commonly used instructor resources, such as “Manage Users” and “Photo Roster,” are now in available under Instructor Tools in the course menu. Moving forward, when new features of this type are added to e-Learning they will be located in the Instructor Tools tab.

Ally Accessibility Report
Also available in Instructor Tools is Ally, a digital tool for improving content adaption on all devices and assistive technologies. Ally provides a course accessibility report and the ability to generate alternative file formats so instructors can address common accessibility issues.

Additional resources on creating accessible learning environments are online. Instructors who have any questions about using these resources are welcome to contact UFIT’s e-Learning Support team (352-392-HELP/4357 Option 3,