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Opportunities to Improve Teaching Skills

PHOTO: Activity in Architecture Classroom Provided by University Relations

UFIT partners with The Graduate School and the CLAS Teaching Center to deliver a series of workshops aimed at developing the teaching skills of the university’s graduate assistants (GA’s) and teaching assistants (TA’s).

“I not only learned the necessary material, but the skills to apply it immediately to my work at UF,” said Maria Lucia Aguilar, Clinical Associate Professor in the College of Dentistry. “I also learned the importance of online communication with our new generation of students, and have recommended this course for all faculty not familiar with the design and structure of online teaching.”

Research indicates that for undergraduate students in particular, TA’s and GA’s serve in a powerful teaching, mentoring, and tutoring role.  Especially in high-enrollment courses, students may have more direct contact and learning time with their TA’s and GA’s than their instructors.  Equipping TA’s, GA’s, and postdocs with the skills to engage learners supports an impactful and enjoyable learning experience for all.

Visit to view the Spring 2019 schedule and register for upcoming events.  Anyone with questions about these trainings may contact UFIT Education Training Specialist Elliot Tordoff.