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Online Course: SPSS and SamplePower3

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UFIT is offering an in-depth, fully online course on using SPSS and SamplePower3. This free course is available to faculty, staff, TAs, and GAs who have functional knowledge of graduate-level statistics. Participants will learn to use the software through practical application and hands-on exercises in this self-paced training. Visit the SPSS and SamplePower 3 page to learn more and register.

“This course has given me deeper knowledge of data preparation and analysis in addition to ample skill practice in SPSS so that I am now ready to analyze my own dissertation data,” said Tiffany Fisher, a doctoral candidate in Special Education, School Psychology, & Early Childhood Studies. “Dr. Silva-Lugo’s excitement about this content is contagious and his support is exceptional–just be prepared to work hard and get out what you put in.”

The SPSS and SamplePower3 course is comprised of seven modules:
1. Data preparation
2. Exploratory data analysis
3. Inferential statistics for the mean and the median
4. ANOVA, Correlation and bivariate linear regression
5. Multiple linear regression
6. Inferential statistics for the proportion
7. Logistic regression

Please email Senior IT Training Specialist Dr. Jose Silva-Lugo if you have any questions prior to registering. To see other courses being offered online, visit the UFIT Training website.