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New Online Instructional Design Workshop

A closeup of current course shells in Canvas

When tasked with creating a new online, blended or hybrid course, flipped classroom or MOOC, the process can seem overwhelming. The staff at the CITT recognized the need for a workshop that would equip instructors with the pedagogical building blocks of online course design and management meanwhile highlighting the best technologies and tools available to UF instructors and students. The result? The CITT Instructional Design Workshop.

The Instructional Design Workshop provides participants with a student-perspective to online learning while presenting data-supported theory and methods through lectures, readings, models, and links to additional state-of-the-art resources and information. The CITT Instructional Design Workshop is not part of the Faculty Institute, required for instructors teaching in UF Online. Rather, this workshop gives an overview of online learning and serves as excellent preparation for course development and design. Topics covered include:

• The instructional design process
• Best practices for teaching online
• Lecture presentations
• Assignments and assessments
• Effective discussion boards
• Groups

Anyone with questions about this workshop or about instructional design services may email CITT Manager Stephanie McClelland.