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New IT Service Eases Absentee Voting

Turbo Vote logo + UF logo

To help students and visiting faculty participate in municipal, state, and national elections, the Bob Graham Center for Public Service is bringing TurboVote to campus. TurboVote is an online system providing Netflix-like convenience to the absentee voter process.

Absentee voting is made easier for those not registered locally to vote, because the red tape normally encountered when voting from outside their home district is removed from the process. With TurboVote registrants receive a national voter-registration form by mail along with a pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope to their local election authority. TurboVote users may register and receive absentee ballots for every election in their voting district–municipal and state elections, as well as national elections.

TurboVote is funded through the Bob Graham Center for Public Service. Contact Shelby Taylor, Digital Communications Director of the center, for more information about UF’s TurboVote initiative.