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New Digital Whiteboard Software in UF Classrooms

digital whiteboard software

All UF general classrooms are equipped with SMART Podium monitors that allow for digital annotation over presentations with the special pen attached to the monitor. New for the spring 2012 term is the SMART Meeting Pro software. This software turns the monitor and projector into the easiest to use digital whiteboard…ever!

To use, launch the SMART Meeting Pro software from the Windows START button, and use Desktop and Whiteboard tabs to toggle between the digital whiteboard and your regular computer desktop. The pen annotation tools can be used with  the desktop or the whiteboard. Pen colors and the eraser can be selected from either the SMART Meeting Pro software or from the buttons on the top of the monitor.

At the bottom of the screen in Whiteboard, click the “+” button to add a new blank page, or navigate between pages with the arrow buttons. Menus at the top of the whiteboard allow you to select full-screen mode, or insert an image or link.

When you are done, save your presentation as a PDF or a PowerPoint file for future use or to upload to your e-Learning course page.  Call or email Classroom Support at 392-6683 or with any questions or for assistance.