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New Classroom Technology Enhances Online Course Experience

Upgraded Classroom

New technology in two Turlington Hall classrooms is helping enhance online courses for UF students and instructors.

UFIT installed equipment that allows instructors to record their lectures in the classroom, so online students can experience class as if they were in the same room. Courses filmed in a classroom environment help capture the unique interaction between students and instructors that often take lectures in unexpected directions.

Instructors use an 80” interactive LCD touch display to interact with the material being presented on a large projector screen. Two high definition cameras being controlled by a portable remote control station located at the back of the room allows the lecture to be recorded without disturbing the students or the instructor. Teaching assistant Ana Bare said she controlled the cameras over the Summer A 2014 term with little training.

“The cameras were extremely simple to use. The most overwhelming part is simply being introduced to new technology, but after that wears off, it becomes fun to conduct. From my perspective, the course seemed to go over very well.”

For more information about UFIT’s audio and visual installation services, visit UFIT’s Classroom Support website.