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More Software Programs Available on UFApps

Students studying together in residence hall

Since its launch in March 2013, more than 2,500 students have logged in to UFApps.

UFApps, a pilot program providing unlimited, 24/7 remote access to the software available in campus labs, has made the virtual lab a reality for students working in the library, while home for the holidays, and when travelling around the world. And listen up, Mac users: With UFApps, you can complete assignments that require Windows applications without the hassle of Bootcamp!

In addition to much-used programs like MS Office 2013, Autocad 2014, and popular statistical software, the following programs were just added to UFApps:

  • Mathcad Prime 2.0
    Optimize critical design and engineering processes in a single worksheet
  • Serif Design Suite
    Access tools for digital drawing, page layout, photo editing, and website design
  • Foxit Phantom PDF Editor
    Create and edit PDF files
  • MPlus 7
    Graph and analyze data using statistical models, estimators, and algorithms
  • QCP
    Run physiological and biophysical simulations
  • SolidWorks 2013
    Render digital 3D models to create, simulate, publish, and manage data
  • StataSE 13
    Utilize hundreds of statistical tools for data analysis, managing large data sets, and     creating graphics

For more information, take the UFApps video tour or visit the FAQ page.