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Mediasite Upgraded to “High Availability”

Video Services staff setting up recording equipment

This past weekend, UFIT migrated the Mediasite service to a new “high availability” infrastructure. This upgrade, conducted during the summer/fall class break to minimize impact to the UF community, means:

  • Increased number of web and media servers available to concurrent Mediasite users
  • Access for encryption, enabling secure viewing within Canvas where needed
  • Expanded functionality is available in the Mediasite module in Canvas, including the ability to embed Mediasite presentations

Mediasite is an essential service at UF, hosting over three million presentation views in just the past 12 months. Mediasite is not only accessed to view academic coursework content, but also training presentations used statewide by IFAS as well as administrative presentations hosted for colleges and administrative divisions across campus. Sunday’s upgrade quadrupled the number of servers hosting Mediasite, providing increased stability and performance of the service and limiting future downtime due to redundancy.

This upgrade does not require any changes to a user’s current Mediasite settings. Anyone experiencing issues should contact the UF Computing Help Desk. Questions about the upgrade may be emailed to UFIT’s Video & Collaboration Services group.