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Mediasite Goes Mobile!

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This summer a major Mediasite software upgrade took place. Mediasite is used to capture lectures and presentations for classes, online learning, special events on campus, and staff training. The upgrade to Mediasite 6 means faculty, students, and staff can now view Mediasite presentations on Mobile devices including iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, Blackberry, and Android devices.

Utilizing Mediasite on Mobile devices provides the same experience as on desktop computers and laptops. This upgrade does not affect Mediasite usage on desktops computers or laptops, nor does it affect recording capabilities in UF lecture halls.

“When we offer sessions via Mediasite, participants can access the live broadcast online,” says Scott Blades, myUFL Training Manager. “They can see the instructor and submit questions to an in-class moderator. We’ve found value in offering a select number of our lecture-based sessions in this format, as well as several ‘office hours’ and ‘Q&A sessions’ with Mediasite.”

Mediasite 6 went into production in June, during the summer break week. For more information about using Mediasite or to request services, visit UFIT’s Video and Collaboration Services Web site or contact Coordinator & Senior Engineer John Pankow or Operations Supervisor Brian Smith.