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Is it e-Learning…or Sakai?

Header Image from 'The Glory That Was Greece' online course

Students have been asking what the difference is between ‘e-Learning’ and ‘Sakai’. The answer? The brand name for UF’s centrally supported course management system (CMS) is the e-Learning System, or “e-Learning” for short.
E-Learning was selected as the system’s brand name because it is vendor-agnostic: regardless of the CMS in use, the system name will remain e-Learning. Sakai is the current CMS software powering the university’s e-Learning System.

E-Learning is among the most-accessed systems at UF. There are over 4,850 course sections active this fall, with 42,000 students enrolled in those course sections. Current usage is 10% higher over the previous record for e-Learning.

Access to e-Learning is through the e-Learning Support @ UF Web site. After logging in the URL becomes By utilizing the LSS Web site as a log-in page, users can stay informed about important announcements related to e-Learning enhancements and system availability.

Eighty percent of students use the e-Learning system, and that number is climbing! Search on the term “e-Learning” in Google or Bing and the University of Florida is atop the search results. Thanks to you–we’re #1!

Have questions about e-Learning at UF? The e-Learning team at the UF Computing Help Desk offers training and support. Email or visit the e-Learning Support Services website for more information.