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Interface Faculty Seminar – December 2011

UF Technology Innovations Advisory Committee (TIAC) Interface Faculty Seminar

In December, the Technology Innovations Advisory Committee (TIAC) held the second Interface Faculty Seminar. “Interface” is designed to engage instructors in demonstrations, discussion, and provide networking opportunities to improve teaching and learning. The programming focuses on ways to deploy innovative pedagogy using new and emerging technologies.

The December Interface featured a series of ten “lightning rounds”—short demonstrations of technology use and instructional practices. Each round consisted of five presentations. Rounds were followed by opportunities for participants to meet with presenters in small groups, discuss practices and pedagogy, and connect with instructional peers from around campus.

The keynote presentation was given by Dr. Sanda Erdelez, a noted expert in the fields of Human Information Behavior and Usability and the Web. Dr. Erdelez is the founding director of the Information Experience Laboratory at the University of Missouri—a state-of-the-art laboratory for conducting usability studies.

Live streams of the lightning rounds and keynote were conducted so instructors could participate if they were unable to attend in person. The streaming videos are archived and available at

More than 150 instructors from across campus participated. Attendance was full within three hours of the program announcement. Registration announcements for the spring 2012 Interface program, tentatively scheduled for April 26, will be published by UFIT and other appropriate campus communication outlets.

Please contact Doug Johnson, assistant director for Learning Services, with any questions about Interface or the activities of the TIAC