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Get Free Laptop Loss-Prevention Service

Graphic: A laptop "talking" after the theft alarm has been activated via FrontDoorSoftware

Front Door is an app that allows you to remotely lock, alarm, and find your laptop in the event it’s lost or stolen. The Front Door Software app is provided free to all students, faculty, and staff.

Your life is basically on your laptop! What would you do if everything on it—your class assignments, photos, personal docs, and all those photos—were stolen? According to recent FBI statistics, only 3% of unprotected lost and stolen laptops are recovered. Enabling protection on your laptop can increase recovery chances…up to 95%! The app lets you track your laptop with Google Maps, create a lock-down code for your missing computer, and even text or yell at the thief.

Front Door Software membership costs $30/year but is free to members of the UF community. It’s easy to use and installs quickly. Visit the University of Florida Police Department’s Front Door Software page to learn more about how the app works, get step-by-step instructions for use, and access the UF link to get Front Door for free.