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GatorRater: Upgrade to Online Evaluation System

GatorRater Graphic

All UF colleges have moved their faculty evaluations to an online system. GatorRater, maintained by the Office of the Associate Provost, is used almost exclusively for this service.

Over the past year, enhancements were performed on the GatorRater system in an effort to build higher response rates. For example, departmental and college staff can send scheduled messages to students directing them to complete their evaluations. GatorRater also provides a Mobile interface option so students can complete evaluations on their phones.

Alpha PRoductions, a student-based public relations firm, developed an outreach campaign to inform students of the new system and its benefits. “From our follow-up research conducted at the end of the evaluations process, we found that 75 percent of UF students had no idea that instructors’ salary and tenure can be influenced by these responses,” said Sarah Arrazola, UF senior and assistant director of Alpha PRoductions. “It’s Alpha’s goal to have UF students see this not as a task, but as their duty to UF and to future students.”

Students, instructors, and staff with questions or comments about the system should visit the GatorRater Info page, or email the GatorRater administration team.