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#GatorAI Hashtag Launched


On Tuesday, Jan. 19, the official hashtag for AI at UF was launched: #GatorAI. University colleges, institutes and centers, and administrative units are encouraged to utilize the hashtag to help broaden the awareness of all things AI at UF. The social media campaign will feature content across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and continue through the official unveiling event of HiPerGator 3.0 and NVIDIA AI this May.

How does it work? For example, if the UF Informatics Institute is offering an AI training, they would Tweet it with the hashtag #GatorAI_UFII. A new AI faculty hire in the College of Education could be hash-tagged as #GatorAI_COE. Adding the extension to the base hashtag allows for tracking of sentiment and reach. In addition, UFIT will add Tweets from across Gator Nation that contain either the #GatorAI or a #GatorAI_(College/Unit extension) to a newly established Twitter Moment. Tweets will also be featured on the UF AI website.

Working together, we can illuminate all the ways UF is contributing to the AI conversation, and share our progress with national and international digital audiences. Anyone with questions about the #GatorAI campaign is welcome to contact UFIT Communications.