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Gator Computing Program Underway

PHOTO: Group photo of 2017 Gator Computing Program student participants

The first Gator Computing Program
(GCP), a computing and emerging technologies program for 10th and 11th graders, is now underway. More than 60 students from around the state applied for the 24 available spaces. The GCP features faculty lectures, programming classes, and lab visits organized by Research Computing staff.

“My high school sent a newsletter that listed a bunch of different programs, and this one stood out for both my mom and me,” said Evie Kelly, who attends Oak Hall School. “I’m really interested in learning about HiPerGator and visiting the different areas of campus.”

The GCP’s broader focus on applying computational power to different fields interested Ethan Slater, a 10th grader this fall in the Biotechnology Institute at Santa Fe High School. “Everything about this program spoke to me,” he said. “Being in the Biotechnology Institute is great but I don’t want to fall behind my friends who are doing more coding. I’m looking forward to the lab visits, programming, and doing some 3-D printing.”

Vice President and CIO Elias Eldayrie envisioned the Gator Computing Program upon arrival at the University of Florida in 2010, having seen a similar program’s success while at SUNY-Buffalo. More information about the GCP and other exceptional high school programs offered at UF is available on the Center for Pre-Collegiate Education and Training website.