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Fostering Student Achievement Through Facilitation and Feedback

GRAPHIC: Badge earned when successfully completing the "Using Rubrics Feedback to Improve Student Performance" training.

UFIT’s Center for Instructional Technology and Training (CITT) is offering its “Fostering Student Achievement through Facilitation and Feedback” certificate of completion program. This completely online series is comprised of three professional development opportunities that explore ways to improve student achievement by providing instructors with the tools necessary to successfully implement a more student-focused learning environment. The program begins on October 22 and is open to all faculty, TAs, and postdocs:

Utilizing Active Learning to Enhance Student Success (10/22 – 11/4)
Participants will explore strategies and tools to implement active learning in the virtual classroom and experience ways to enable student success through varied peer interactions.

Using Rubrics and Feedback to Improve Student Performance (11/5 – 11/18)
Participants will review the best practices of building effective rubrics and providing quality feedback. Through varied activities, participants will be equipped with the skills necessary to implement rubrics to improve student performance.

Interpreting Course Analytics to Address Student Needs (11/19 – 12/5)
Participants will how e-Learning course analytics and quiz statistics help identify struggling students, enhance assessment reliability and validity, and improve student learning.

Please contact CITT Interim Manager Shannon Dunn for more information.