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Fostering Inclusivity and Student Success with e-Learning

PHOTO: Non-binary student taking notes in class

The Center for Instructional Technology and Training (CITT) is offering its Fostering Student Achievement certificate of completion that explores quality online course design. This series is comprised of three online workshops focusing on the fundamentals, strategies, and implementation of non-traditional assessments, the design and application of rubrics and feedback, and the utilization of course analytics and quiz statistics in e-Learning. The program begins on January 13, 2020:

Utilizing Active Learning to Enhance Student Success (1/13 – 1/26)
Using Rubrics and Feedback to Improve Student Performance (1/27 – 2/9)
Interpreting Course Analytics to Address Student Needs (2/10 – 2/23)

This spring the CITT is also offering its Teaching for Inclusivity and Accessibility series, which covers the digital environment, pedagogical, and social aspect of course design. The workshops help instructors reach a diverse group of students by considering how student identity impacts their experience with learning. This series also begins on January 13, 2020:

Designing an Inclusive Course (1/13 – 2/23)
Fostering Inclusive Communities for Learning (3/9 – 4/13)
Accessible Online Environments (4/13 – 4/26)

Anyone with questions about the workshops or other instructional design support offered by the CITT is welcome to contact Assistant Director Shannon Dunn.