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Electronic Information Technology Accessibility (EITA) Support

GRAPHIC: Electronic Information Technology Accessibility logo.

The University of Florida is committed to providing everyone a welcoming and accessible campus. Part of ensuring an accessible campus is meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990/Section 508. Section 508 outlines the ways institutions must accommodate reasonable requests for access to services, programs, and activities, regardless of a person’s disability. The university’s Electronic Information Technology Accessibility (EITA) policy is available on UFIT’s policies webpage.

UFIT provides resources to facilitate EITA compliance. Anyone involved in course content development or who creates documentation that may end up online is encouraged to review the web accessibility recommendations. UFIT also offers numerous free workshops related to accessible online environments.

UFIT also maintains, a website with tools and resources to enable accessible environments. The site also serves as a central resource on the university’s accessibility efforts. Anyone with questions about accessibility or who needs assistance with policy compliance may contact Anne Allen, UF’s EITA Officer.