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EDUCAUSE Resources Available


The University of Florida is one of over 1,800 members of EDUCAUSE, an organization whose mission is to advance higher education through information technology. Because of UF’s organizational membership, faculty and staff can avail themselves of EDUCAUSE’s many resources for free, including webinars and valuable research. Some of EDUCAUSE’s programs and initiatives include:

Institutional Benchmarking:
Review the annual Core Data Service survey, where colleges and universities provide data about IT on their campuses.

Peruse the EDUCAUSE publications to explore current issues and trends. The extensive online library includes recent articles on Data Mining and Curriculum Development.

Webinars, Conferences and Events:
Sign up for upcoming Webinars on Inclusive Teaching & Learning Practices or Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mobile Learning Initiatives.

The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) program features a quick-read “7 Things You Should Know About” section. These often-updated articles provides short, high-level overviews of current issues and trends related to technology use in higher education.

Visit EDUCAUSE’s Website to see a full listing of activities and services.