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Digital Document Camera Installation This Summer

PHOTO: A picture of the Lumens digital camera, now being installed in approximately 200 classrooms and learning spaces.

This summer, approximately 200 digital document cameras are being installed in Office of the Registrar and UFIT-supported classrooms. Staff are installing the cameras due to increased requests and interest from the faculty, and for the added teaching and learning benefits the cameras provide. An added benefit of these Lumens-brand cameras is there isn’t a high learning curve to master their use. Some ways instructors can use the cameras for their teaching and learning activities include:

  • Displaying paper printouts, slides, and transparencies
  • Sharing text or photos from a book
  • Displaying three-dimensional objects
  • Showing and saving “live” images, in color or B&W
  • Having the capability to zoom in and out on the item being shown

The digital document cameras do not require a computer or network connection. A ‘how-to’ guide is <a
href=”” available, and there are also tags on the installed cameras for quick assistance. Anyone with questions on using learning spaces technologies is welcome to contact UFIT’s Classroom Support group ( or 352-392-6683) for assistance.