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Creating HyFlex Classroom Spaces at UF

PHOTO: Closeup of tech improvements in Florida Gym classroom

UFIT has been working with faculty to create new hybrid-flexible, or “HyFlex classrooms” in time for the Fall 2020 semester. HyFlex classrooms are designed to support a wide variety of course configurations, including lecture and discussion. HyFlex classrooms provide a higher-level experience for both in-class and remote learning through enhanced technologies.

While all University of Florida classrooms have supported videoconferencing for many years, the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for students and faculty to be able to see and hear each other clearly, even when not all are physically present, are wearing masks, or when socially distancing in the classroom.

As part of the university’s #NoWallsTeaching initiative, UFIT designed and delivered 20+ HyFlex classrooms in centrally managed classrooms for use this fall. Anyone with questions about UF classrooms and learning spaces may contact UFIT’s Classroom Support team.