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Changes to UF’s Course Request System

GRAPHIC: UF Canvas e-Learning System Update

Upgrades to the Student Information System (part of the COMPASS project) changes how to request and create courses. UF’s course request system is now a self-service portal in myUFL. The navigation is:

myUFL → Main Menu → Student Information System → Online Learning → Canvas Course Request

Course creators can request a cross-listed course site, a course site for every section, merging of specific sections of a course, or to not include their course on Canvas. Course sites can be created as soon as the information is fully entered into the Registrar’s system up until 5:00 p.m. on January 3, 2019. After that deadline, all courses with no actions selected will be auto-created with a separate Canvas course site for each section. Note that support staff requesting course sites on behalf of instructors will need the UF_SA_CANVAS_CRSE_REQUST_ADMIN security role. UFIT has tutorials available showing the most common course request scenarios:

Course Navigation – Faculty
Course Navigation – Support Staff
General Course Request, Re-naming a Course Site, and Excluding a Course from Canvas
Combining Sections
Cross-Listing Courses

Transcripts for each video along with additional information about these changes will be available on UFIT’s Course Request Process page. Please do not hesitate to contact the e-Learning support team (352-392-HELP, option 3, or with any questions. We are here to help!