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Bob Graham Center Virtual Internship Program

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The Bob Graham Center has launched a Virtual Internship Program (VIP) in order to offer students the ability to intern while simultaneously fulfilling academic and employment obligations or pursuing other opportunities. The Graham Center is working with UF’s Career Resource Center in order to ensure access for students who would most benefit from a virtual internship arrangement.

By using UF’s e-Learning environment, video conferencing and discussion threads, VIP allows interns to complete the long-term, project-based assignments many organizations have on their wish lists but are unable to complete with their workload and staffing levels.

“What is innovative is the strategic utilization of this technology to facilitate internship experiences. It will change the way we think about internships and the types of tasks that interns can be assigned,” said Shelby Taylor, the Bob Graham Center’s Director of Communications.

All internships begin Fall 2016, but recruitment is currently underway. Students who are a part of VIP will work with government offices, agencies, non-profit organizations, and other types of institutions where their primary responsibilities will be related to public affairs. For more information, contact Kevin Baron at or 352-846-1575