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A/V Upgrade Services Available

Classroom with A/V Upgrade

The quality of digital images and sound systems available is spurring the UF community to leave analog behind. To assist in this transition, UFIT’s Office of Academic Technology employs a team of audio/video design and installation specialists that can upgrade the technology in both classrooms and non-teaching spaces at UF.

The digital media certified Audio/Visual Design and Installation group can provide the complete design, integration, and programming needed for campus audio and visual projects–from single classrooms to entire buildings. Every renovated, remodeled, or newly-built lecture hall, conference room, and teaching lab on campus includes audio and visual design and integration. The Audio/Visual Design and Installation group is composed of designers, programmers, and integrators familiar with university facilities and procedures. An extra benefit: having a UF-based group perform the A/V work allows for overall cost savings, and the on-campus team means a quicker response time for after-installation service needs.

Examples of work include updating conference rooms to include multi-point video conferencing and upgrading lecture halls with triple-projector setups. Email the A/V Installation team or visit their website for more information on available services and to schedule a consultation.