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Advocating New Technologies for Teaching and Learning

SCREEN CAPTURE: Educational technologist Chris Sharpe in front of a screen showing the CITT website

Educational Technologist Chris Sharp was hired in May 2019 to enhance the university’s teaching and learning through technology.

“I serve as a consultant on the Center for Instructional Technology and Training (CITT) staff,” Sharp said. “I can be the avenue for new technologies in the classroom and help UF’s subject matter experts–our faculty–share their passion in fresh and exciting ways.”

The largest number of faculty requests this summer has been for help learning how to write online for the virtual classroom. Instructional faculty are used to writing on a whiteboard, not holding a tablet or an iPad and projecting it to a Zoom meeting room. Sharp holds 1-on-1 consultations, helping faculty to understand that learning outcomes are not limited just because instructors and students are teaching and learning remotely. Sharp says he thoroughly enjoys providing personalized consultations and developing unique tech solutions for each instructor and a particular course:

“I love showing how virtual reality or AI can be used to enhance pedagogy and evaluating current and emerging technologies with them for use in teaching or research.”

Faculty who would like to discuss incorporating new technologies into their courses are welcome to submit the CITT request assistance form.