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Accessibility Training Now in e-Learning

Image of Accessibility Modules in e-Learning Course

Accessible Online Environments, a new course in e-Learning, provides an excellent overview on how online content components can present problems for learners with vision, hearing, cognitive, or motor impairments.

This UFIT-developed Accessibility course is comprised of eight modules. The intro videos for all eight modules combined total just under 19 minutes in length and serve as a solid overview to anyone — instructors, web content managers, and administrative staff — who develop documents and videos that might end up online. The course contains several resources to help users implement Accessible fonts, colors, headings, and alt text. To register, log in to e-Learning and search on → Accessible Online Environments.

The University of Florida is committed to ensuring all of its electronic information technology resources are ADA-compliant. UFIT’s Center for Instructional Technology & Training (CITT) has additional tools for instructors wanting to improve their Accessibility in the online classroom skills. Anyone with questions about these resources may contact Instructional Design Manager Stephanie McClelland. For general inquiries about disability services at UF, please contact the Disability Resource Center.