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3D Print Lab Coming to Marston Science Library

3D Image of Foot Bones

Support from 2013 Tech Fee funding will allow Marston Science Library staff to open a 3D printing lab for students. The lab will open by January 2014 and give students a way to render physical prototypes of a concept.

“Libraries are dedicated to information discovery and use, and these processes are not confined to printed books and journals,” said Vernon Kisling, Marston Science Library chair. “We feel 3D printing fits in with this discovery and use of information.”

Sara Gonzalez, Marston librarian and project coordinator of the 3D print lab, said students should know how to operate 3D scanners and printers in preparation for careers in engineering, health sciences, architecture, and fine arts, where 3D print technology is commonly used. The lab will serve two important purposes: allow students to visualize complex information and acquire valuable skills by becoming familiar with the rapidly expanding world of 3D print technology.

The 3D print lab will also be instrumental in building complex models for class projects in a variety of subjects, from anthropology to biological sciences to geography. Students can create their own 3D models or visit Websites like and download pre-made 3D files for printing.

Contact Sara Gonzalez with any questions you may have about the Marston Science Library 3D print lab.