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3-D Printing Options on Campus

MakerBot 3-D Printer in Action

In our rapidly-changing technology environment, 3-D printing is emerging as a market transformer for UF grads. Scientists can already 3-D print prosthetics and medical devices, and progress is being made toward printing human tissue. The future of this technology is limitless and students can be ready to advance the world through 3-D print applications by using it now, while at UF.

All UF students regardless of major can utilize 3-D printing services. 3-D printers are available at each of the Education, Health Science, and Marston Science Libraries as well as at the A2 Fab Lab in the architecture building. According to Denise Bennett, a Marston librarian and project coordinator of the 3-D print lab, there are a wide range of applications.

“We have researchers building pieces and parts to help with research tools,” she said. “There is also a mix of people making cool things and people making functional things to solve problems.”

Along with pricing information, the UF Libraries Guide has excellent tips on getting the most from your 3-D print jobs. In-depth training videos on 3-D printing are also available via, a resource UFIT provides free for all students, faculty, and staff.