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2015 State of UFIT

5 Year_Anniversary_Wordmark

The annual State of UFIT event was held Friday, May 15, in Emerson Alumni Hall. This year’s date had special meaning for UF Vice President & CIO Elias Eldayrie: it was five years ago to the day that he was hired to be part of The Gator Nation.

The five-year anniversary of Eldayrie’s hire was a theme carried through his presentation. There was some extra fun as well: While speaking about the overall higher education IT environment, the information technology culture at UF when he first arrived, and sharing some metrics detailing advancements made by UFIT, VP of Human Resource Services Paula Fussell completely surprised Eldayrie by presenting him with his five-year service pin! Photos of that surprise along with many other event photos are available on UFIT’s Facebook page.

Check out the 2015 event program and event video! Among the 284 attendees were members of the winning project teams and groups recognized with UFIT awards, the campus-wide program that honors excellence in three categories. Anyone with questions or comments about the State of UFIT presentation may email the Vice President & CIO.